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PVC4Cables Conference 2017 - Daniel Martinz, Technical Marketing & Development Manager Specialty Vinyls, INOVYN Belgium SA
PVC4Cables Conference 2017 - Jose Carlos Lorenzo Lopez, Industrial Manager, Conductores Eléctricos REVI S.A.
PVC4Cables Conference 2017 - Yannick Le Tallec, Certification Director, Efectis France
PVC4Cables Conference 2017 - Esther Hild, German Cable Makers' Association (ZVEI)
PVC4Cables Conference 2017 - Cristina de Santos, Unit Manager Energy & Infrastructures, AMI Consulting
Enrico Boccaleri, Università del Piemonte Orientale
Gianluca Sarti, Compounds for Cables Group PVC Forum Italia
1st PVC4Cables Conference 2017   The first PVC4Cables Conference ‘Sustainability, Innovation, Market: The new horizons of the PVC cables industry’ in Lyon, France, attracted more than 110 delegates from all over Europe. Focus of the Conference was the significant progress made by the PVC cables industry in terms of sustainability and innovation,...
Interview with VinylPlus General Manager Brigitte Dero at IdentiPlast 2017 in Vienna.VinylPlus is the sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry value chain. VinylPlus is circular economy practice: since the inception more than 15 years ago, +3 million tonnes of PVC waste have been recycled. VinylPlus has also set up a system to trace...
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