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PVC4Cables is the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers' (ECVM) platform dedicated to the PVC cables value chain

PVC4Cables intends to act as a driver for environmentally responsible innovations
in the PVC cables sector and as a focal point for dialogue and communications
with all stakeholders

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Now available the leaflet 10 reasons to choose PVC cables The leaflet 10 reasons to choose PVC cables is now available on the website.
TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO) AND COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS (CBA) OF PVC CABLES RECYCLING CONFIRM COMPETITIVENESS OF PVC CABLES In a complex period like the one we are experiencing at a global level, the issue of cost control is crucial for any product at…
‘PVC UPCYCLING’ PROJECT: FROM A LINEAR TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY MODEL ‘PVC Upcycling’ is a pilot project aimed at recovering the PVC component of electrical cables coming from the decommissioning of energy plants (de-manufacturing) and at…
VinylPlus®: Steering the PVC Industry Towards the Circular Economy VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 771,313 tonnes of PVC in 2019 - more than 96% of the…
The new deal of the PVC cables sector - Berlin PVC4Cables Conference PVC4Cables hosted yesterday in Berlin its second biennial conference with the theme In PVC Cables we Trust! Innovation and Sustainability for Smart Electrical Systems. Over…
In PVC cables we trust! 2nd PVC4Cables Conference With just a little over three weeks to go, the 2nd PVC4Cables Conference has shaped up very well: an excellent venue, renowned speakers and moderators,…
10 reasons to choose PVC cables
Interview with Riccardo Angelucci, ATECO; PVC cables recycling

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